Editorial in Florida Trend Magazine

I love the movie Forrest Gump, I have probably watched it a dozen times but rarely from beginning to end. I usually seem to just pick it up somewhere in the middle and finish… Continue reading

Sometimes Simple is Good

I enjoy complicated set-ups that require planning and work to create a image, but then there are times that i just want something simple. Such was the case a when I had the… Continue reading

Van Helsing Part II

Its finally here, the behind the scenes video and images from our Van Helsing shoot this past February. This was a personal project created to show the talents of everyone involved. I am… Continue reading

Van Helsing Part I

I love doing personal projects. I made a promise to myself sometime back to go out shot at least once each week just for myself. I’ve been really good about it sometimes doing… Continue reading

Creating Webisode Promos

Last  year I had the chance to meet the guys over at Ebed Pictures. They are a local group of picture producers that has produced one feature length film, has another in production,… Continue reading

Telling Stories

I love stories. Romantic stories, scary stories, science fiction stories, true stories, any kind of stories. I love reading them, watching them, and I love sharing them. Since I’m not a fiction writer… Continue reading

Hollywood Drama

A few weeks ago I watched The House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. I always get a kick out of the old movies, especially the horror ones, because of the over acting and… Continue reading

2013 Photo Fav’s

This year has had it challenges and blessings. More than that it has had some of my favorite photo sessions ever. These are just a few of my favorite images from those sessions,… Continue reading

The Birth

This post has become a tradition of mine, I repost it every year as a reminder to myself and hopefully you that regardless of what this past year has been you still have… Continue reading

Finally Took the Plunge

I am not quick to jump on new products that is going to make my “photography better.” Every manufacture promises better pictures, better workflow, etc.. Some of the promises are true, others are… Continue reading